Nicolas Ghesquière Renews Contract with Louis Vuitton

Fans of Nicolas Ghesquière can rejoice, after the news of the French-Belgian designer having renewed his contract with Louis Vuitton – following 10 years of relationship and creative bliss. Ghesquière joined Vuitton and replaced Marc Jacobs as creative director back in 2013. His vision for the fashion house founded in 1854 has only went from strength to strength, collection after collection and campaign after campaign. From headline-grabbing destination shows in places like Rio de Janeiro to producing top-selling accessories such as the Twist handbag and in addition to helping generate revenues of a record $20 billion in annual sales last year – you simply cannot blame the powers that be at LVMH for locking down Ghesquière once again.

Naturally, it was only right for members of theFashionSpot forums to chime in upon the news dropping. “He deserves it. He and JW Anderson are the only designers at LVMH who I wouldn’t sacrifice to appease the fashion gods.” [LadyJunon]

“When I look at Chanel, Gucci, Dior, I’m glad Nicolas at Vuitton exists! Ghesquière is still one of my all time favorite and I can’t wait to see what he has to offer.” [Lola701]

“Ghesquière has never been my most favorite of designers but with fashion’s never-ending game of musical chairs, it’s so very refreshing to see an announcement of a partnership staying together. And if it ain’t broke… don’t fix it.” [vogue28]

“It’s been an interesting tenure creatively. Not always the most successful and I do think he is challenging himself which is great. But it’s littered with really ugly, challenging proportions for clothing. I still love him though because when he’s on, he’s ON. I’m looking forward to seeing what he gives us the next five years.” [reese06]

“For once it’s nice to see someone challenging at an institution. He stands like a shining star among the blandness plaguing mega brands. I might not always like what he does at LV but it’s quite a feat to have someone as adventurous as him at such a mass taste brand and make it work. It’s genius. He delivers commercial hits without compromising his craft.” [Kimihiro]

Have your own say regarding Nicolas Ghesquière’s contract renewal over on theFashionSpot forums, here.

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