Swarovski Holiday 2023 Ad Campaign Steven Meisel

It’s common knowledge within the world of fashion that every single commission in which Steven Meisel fixes his lens upon, turns into pure gold. Whether he’s transforming high-street retailer Zara into something high-end and full of fantasy or photographing ultra-glamorous supermodel covers of British Vogue – Meisel is a master of his craft.

As a result, we aren’t at all surprised to see the legendary American photographer’s partnership with Swarovski proving to be a match made in heaven, going from strength to strength, with the unveiling of each new campaign. Following two dazzlingly successful campaigns for the Austrian jeweler, the brand’s creative director Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert enlists Meisel to capture Swarovski’s Holiday 2023 campaign. Models Sora Choi, Nyawurh Chuol, Karolina Spakowski, Mila van Eeten and Diane Chiu assemble within Meisel’s studio for the occasion, each posing before a timeless grey studio backdrop with beauty stylists Pat McGrath and Guido having also worked their magic on the girls. In the alluring portraits, the beauties showcase designs from Mesmera, Gema, Matrix, Luna and Hyperbola collections.

Swarovski Holiday 2023 by Steven Meisel

The campaign immediately caught the attention of our forum members. “Now this is a Holiday campaign! Absolutely stunning!” justaguy declared.

“Swarovski and Meisel is the gift that keeps on giving! I am in love with how festive, glitzy and wintery this feels without being so literal. The whole campaign is executed oh so perfectly, the portraits themselves are flawless but the beauty styling from Pat McGrath and Gudio really is the icing on the cake – spectacular work!” raved vogue28.

MModa simply described the campaign as “spectacular!”

Amazingly so, not everyone was so forthcoming. “Choul’s shot is the best. Not convinced by the rest, everything looks (poorly) airbrushed,” noted thiago.

“The jewelry is overkill, only Chuol seems to pull it off because of the contrast with her skin and the dress,” Urban Stylin pointed out.

“Doesn’t feel like Meisel at all,” zacatecas570 exclaimed.

Swarovski Holiday 2023 by Steven Meisel

Check out even more fabulosity from Swarovski’s Holiday 2023 advertising campaign and join the conversation over on theFashionSpot forums, here.

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