Things I’m Loving This Month: glimmers and bedazzled pumpkins


10 Things I'm Loving This Month: October 2023 | Not Dressed As Lamb

The things I’m loving this month include “glimmers”, long hair in your 40s, DIY bedazzled pumpkins and more!

I could pretend that I purposely delayed this post so it could go out on Halloween, but truth be told I’ve had a testing 7-10 days where work had to take a back seat. A very ill elderly father was a worry and – at the same time – a very poorly Suki (our greyhound) meant she needed round-the-clock care for a good week or two… I just couldn’t concentrate on work.

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Suki is doing better but she still needs to go back to the vet for more tests. She’s the most stubborn, willful being I’ve ever met and her determination not to let all these illnesses and injuries get her down (because she loves her life) is remarkable. You might also call it bloody-mindedness 😉

I started writing on Substack in October and I’ve almost worked out my schedule and what I’ll be writing and on what days. So what I think I’ll be doing going forward is publishing one blog post and two Substack newsletters each week (they’re called newsletters but really that’s just the word they use for posts). I’m absolutely buzzing with ideas for both and have no shortage of content to bring you over the next few weeks and months.

And if I’m feeling especially wordy I might even throw in an extra blog post in any given week. How’s that for spoiling you, huh?!

What caught your eye/are you now loving too? Comment below…

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This month I’m loving…

1. This bedazzled pumpkin. With 5,000 gems and a lot of patience, Marianne made a sparkling Halloween beauty.

2. The term “glimmer” and what it means (essentially the opposite of a “trigger”). It’s beautifully explained and illustrated in this lovely post by Dana.

3. My interview with Bored Panda (my favourite time-wasting site but oh! the articles are wholesome and often fun) where I was asked about my attitude towards ageing – they added it into their article Things That Inevitably Make People Look Older.

4. The best (and funniest) “tiny face” makeup by MUA Allan Avendaño. He’s laughing, I’m laughing, you’re laughing, we’re all laughing.

5. Suzy’s blog post about growing long hair at 47… I found this so interesting because I’ve just lopped mine all off, yet I still agree with her on so many points. My hair just didn’t cooperate.

6. [Of course] – my new short hair! I’ve yet to show it off properly on Instagram, though I did write my final goodbyes to long hair on my Substack platform. And talking of Substack: I’m loving writing there. My first Substack post explains why I’m so excited to be writing there as well as here now. I’m like a writer/storyteller in a proverbial candy store.

7. Autumn TV dramas, namely The Long Shadow on ITV (about the investigation into the Yorkshire Ripper murders in the late 1970s). You might need subtitles on because the accents are thick and they mumble a lot, but it was brilliant. And I’ve discovered Manifest (which is a few years old) about the passengers on a commercial airliner which suddenly reappeared after they’d been presumed dead for five years (no spoilers please, I’m only on season one)… flight MH370, anyone?

8. My almost-ready-to-plant avocado tree which I grew from seed. I used an avocado germinator (I know it sounds like some sort of vegan cyborg but I promise it’s nothing like that) and a large glass vase from a charity shop. I am so chuffed at being an actual avo’ tree mum.

9. These “Power of Styling” reels by Rita. These videos are so simple but so clever. They prove how great style is all about how you wear it (with accessories and the way you style things, e.g. tucking tops in or rolling up sleeves and cuffs), not what you wear.

10. My easy-peasy IKEA Billy cupboard upcycle. I used some retro floral sticky back plastic in the door panels and it looks amazing. (They do about 16 different patterns so there should be something for everyone).

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Thank you for reading! xoxo

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