Nicki Minaj US Vogue December 2023


Throughout 2023, Anna Wintour has kept us on our toes in terms of cover subjects, and has switched up her usual favorites in favor of some surprise cover stars which have included Erykah Badu, Olivia Rodrigo and the supermodels of the 90s. Despite the sprinkling of old faves like Kate Winslet, Angelina Jolie and Carey Mulligan over the past two months, Wintour is closing out the year on a high as she welcomes Nicki Minaj as the American fashion bible’s December 2023 cover star – taking us by complete surprise. The best-selling female rapper of all time appears before the lens of photographer Norman Jean Roy, for what is her first American Vogue cover appearance, with stylist Max Ortega dressing Minaj in a look from Valentino’s Fall 2023 haute couture collection.

US Vogue December 2023 : Nicki Minaj by Norman Jean Roy

Members of theFashionSpot forums were left speechless – well, almost speechless. “I’m aghast,” Lucas Almeida exclaimed the moment the cover struck.

“SHE ATE!” JPineapple raved in sheer delight.

“Oh my god! What a cover, what a moment. Stunning! I can forgive and forget a year’s worth of awful covers thanks to this beauty. A timeless, classic American cover,” aracic heralded.

“FINALLY! I think it’s a well-deserved cover and the result is gorgeous,” applauded WAVES.

MON was left in the same frame of mind upon checking out the cover, commenting: “I am over the moon! This looks regal and glorious! I cannot stop fawning over this cover! Quintessential US Vogue!”

“A real beautiful and glamorous cover to round out 2023 for American Vogue. I am 100% here for the surprise of seeing Minaj as Vogue‘s cover star, and it’s an added bonus that the outcome is so easy on the eye. I love the warmth, the coloring, the sense of glamour… it’s all working,” vogue28 approved.

See more of Nicki Minaj as Vogue‘s December 2023 cover star and join the standing ovation, here.


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