11 Must-Haves in a Beginner’s Makeup Kit


Navigating through products designed for various skin tones and types can overwhelm beginners. Fortunately, we’ve handpicked essential items for a beginner’s makeup kit.

No more borrowing mismatched shades from friends – it’s time to curate your personalized beauty bag, ready for any glam-up occasion. Whether a swift touch-up or a neutral makeup look, this beginner’s makeup kit is your go-to solution for all makeup emergencies.

Essential Beginner’s Makeup Kit

1. Moisturizer

Woman applying moisturizer.
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Achieving flawless makeup is akin to creating a masterpiece – it all starts with a well-prepped canvas. Just like a painting needs one for the paint to sit right, your makeup relies on a properly prepared base. Identify your skin type and choose a moisturizer tailored to it. Apply this moisturizer on a cleansed face before introducing any other makeup product. Consider investing in a moisturizer with SPF for added protection against the sun when you’re out showcasing your best look.

2. Primer

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The priming-versus-moisturizing dilemma sparks debates, but experts unanimously advise starting with moisturizing before applying primer to your face. The key role of a primer is to establish a flawless base, preventing foundation oxidation and imparting that coveted healthy, natural glow. Tailor your choice between gel-based or cream-based primers according to your skin type. Nowadays, you can even find primers that pull double duty as moisturizers, streamlining your routine with a smart two-in-one solution. Adding this product into a beginner’s makeup kit will prove to be a game-changer.

3. Color Corrector & Concealer

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Photo Credit : Andrei Lavrinov | Getty Images

We all wrestle with skin blemishes and discolorations, but the makeup industry has graciously provided us with remarkable color correctors that perform magic when applied correctly. Whether it’s ghastly dark circles or pesky acne marks, spot application of these color correctors can conceal them effortlessly.

Next in line is concealer, working with color correctors to replicate your skin tone, effectively concealing discolorations and diffusing hyperpigmentation. Color correctors come in various shades and formulations, so opt for one that blends seamlessly. Despite their playful appearance, these vibrant hues can work wonders for your makeup. So, feel free to experiment until you discover the perfect shade that effortlessly blurs your imperfections.

4. Foundation

Applying foundation.
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Now, let’s talk about foundations – where things get serious. They are the MVP of your makeup game, so snag one that matches your skin tone, no shades lighter or darker. Experts suggest starting with a liquid foundation for its blendable, buildable nature, providing more control and flexibility in your makeup routine.

You can use a quality beauty blender to delicately apply a thin layer of foundation. Gently pat the foundation to settle under your eyes and corners, extending it upwards to your hairline and covering your ears. Since this step follows color correctors and concealers, ensure that, once blended, your face presents a seamless, one-toned finish. Here’s a pro tip: Don’t forget your neck in this process—it’s a crucial step for the overall look.

5. Eyebrow Filler

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You can invest in the perfect eyebrow filler for your beginner’s makeup kit to get your brow game on the go. Like other products, eyebrow fillers come in various formulations, including pencils, gels, powders, and pomades. Play around with these options, mix and match, and transform your eyebrows into the ones you’ve always dreamed of. Well-groomed eyebrows frame your eyes and add structure to your face, making them a crucial element in your makeup routine and a must-have in your beginner’s makeup kit.

6. Contour

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Now that you’ve got that flawless one-toned base, it’s time to sculpt those killer features with some contouring magic. Contour products come in various formulas and packaging, and you can dive into a contour palette to experiment with different shades. Play around with neutral, yellow, or white tones to highlight critical areas like the nose bridge, upper cheekbones, and chin.

The goal is to elevate your features and maybe even tweak the natural shape. Don’t let it overwhelm you; stick to a simple rule – highlight the high points of your face, then add contour where needed. Typically, that means a glow on top of your cheekbones and contour below.

7. Eyeliner

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Start simple – less is more here. The right eyeliner technique can either elevate your entire look or, if done poorly, turn you into a raccoon. Skip the Smokey Eye drama for now and opt for a clean stroke of liquid eyeliner. Consider grabbing a sketch pen eyeliner for that extra stability, especially if you tend to get shaky.

If precision isn’t your strong suit, a pencil eyeliner is your forgiving sidekick. It provides flexibility, and even if you make a mistake on one eye, it’s easy to fix without leaving your other eye looking mismatched. Begin with gentle strokes along the upper lash line, keep a Q-tip handy in your beginner’s makeup kit, and remember – mastering the perfect liner takes practice. You got this!

8. Mascara

Woman applying mascara.
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Highlight those eyes with the lift they truly deserve. Opt for a mascara that not only gives a good lift but also nourishes your lashes. When choosing the right mascara, don’t overlook the significance of the wand applicator. A beginner-friendly makeup kit should feature mascara with a thinner brush to steer clear of clumping and excessive weight on your lids.

The finer combs on a mascara wand work wonders by separating your lashes, delivering a natural lift that avoids the overly made-up look. It’s all about those little details for flutter-worthy lashes.

9. Blush

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Everyone adores that radiant, peachy glow that emanates from within, right? Find a blush that complements your skin tone; as a beginner, you might consider investing in a blush tint. These tints provide greater control, allowing you to adjust the intensity based on your desired look. A subtle application of these blush tints on your cheekbones and the bridge of your nose adds a natural, fresh touch to your makeup. It’s all about that effortlessly glowing vibe.

10. Lip Color & Gloss

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If you’re the type to devour your lipstick within hours, it’s time to invest in a long-lasting formula. Every girl’s vanity should boast at least one nude and darker shade to cover all bases. Feeling adventurous? Mix those shades and create your custom third hue. Oh, and don’t overlook the gloss – it not only amplifies the sheen of matte lipstick but also offers a quick refresh with just one swipe. Lip game strong, always!

11. Setting Spray

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Picture putting in all that effort, only to see it washed away by sweat. To dodge that horror, it’s wise to invest in a setting spray that locks in your makeup, preventing it from oxidizing. These sprays are carefully formulated, ensuring your skin doesn’t dry, and your makeup stays fresh without feeling heavy or cakey. Give it a final touch to achieve that ‘fresh out of the vanity’ makeup look.

Pro-tip: Be ready for mishaps. Keep Q-tips and makeup wipes on hand to easily tackle those unexpected moments. Preparedness is key!

Now that we’ve covered the must-haves for a beginner’s makeup kit, we hope you feel more confident about where to begin. Believe us, your journey will only become more vibrant with the wonderful products available today.

Armed with these 11 essentials, you can craft an everyday makeup look from the ground up. Remember, beyond all the guidelines, makeup is fundamentally an act of self-expression. So, feel free to experiment and uncover your unique creative ways with makeup.


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