Nadia Aboulhosn: Pink and Cherry


Wow. I love shamelessly using cute dogs as props in my photos. LOL! Look how cute she is. Now look at how cute I am. Thanks. I actually left these Dr Martens boots in Florida at my parent’s house and was like oh hi, I’m going to wear these now that I’m back in town. The exact boots I’m wearing are the Dr Martens 1460 8 eye leather boots in cherry.

I went shopping with my mom at JCPenney and found these pink pants were laying folded up on a table. They also come in a tan color and got those too. Any time I can wear something oversized, I wear something oversized. I’m wearing a size XL even though I could truly fit a Large. They were on sale for like $12 and still are now!

All of these other pieces I’m wearing, you can shop in the slider below. x

Doc Marten look


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