Nadia Aboulhosn: Living Room Lounging


Nadia Aboulhosn: Living Room Lounging

I’ve been living room lounging, like most of us. This cute loungewear set is from Femme Luxe. I recently got this super cute tie dye t-shirt from them too that I’ll take pictures and post in a few days from now. I miss dressing up cute and doing stuff. Not going to lie lol. The only thing that’s been exciting me lately is new music. Has anyone picked up any new hobbies? I’ve learned how to do my own nails and hair during this pandemic. I’ve literally colored my hair this pretty light brown bronde color by myself with a little guidance through facetime from my hair stylist in L.A. I put it up on my IG as my first reel video. x

Photo Aug 11, 5 48 36 PM

Photo Aug 12, 12 48 43 AM


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