3 Plus Size Apps That Will Up Your Confidence


In an age where information is available at our fingertips, it’s still difficult to successfully find information that is plus size-specific. Have you ever looked at a clothing brand’s website, gone to their size chart, and thought “oh great, they carry nothing that will fit me!” Or wanted to know beforehand if the seating at a restaurant is large hip or large belly friendly?

We pulled together a short list of plus size information-geared apps that can make the lives of larger folks a little bit easier!

3 Apps with Plus Size Specific Information

1. Phoria

Phoria is an app that filters brands (from a database of over 170 brands) based on your specific measurements to show you which ones actually carry items in your size! Could this app get any more helpful? The app includes filters like garment type, brands with a specific type of leadership (for ex: LGBTQ+, BIPOC, or woman-owned), and style.

plus size apps - Image via @phoriafits
Image via @phoriafits

It was important to Phoria’s founder that users not only be able to find clothing that fits, but also find clothing that matches their individual values. It is completely free to sign up, there are no ads, and nothing to download. It’s just an app developed to help the plus size community— simple as that!

Nico Herzetty, the founder and CEO of Phoria, states, “I created Phoria because I was tired of struggling to find brands that fit me as a fat, queer, and nonbinary person. I wanted to build a platform that not only supports all kinds of bodies but does it with a strong sense of brand transparency and more sustainable approaches to getting dressed every day. Plus-size and gender-expansive people deserve a better way to find things that fit us in every way, and that’s what I want Phoria to be.”

plus size apps - Image via @phoriafits
Image via @phoriafits

2. AllGo

How many times have you gone out to dinner and worried if the chairs have arms that are too small for your hips? Have you worried that your hips will be bruised from squeezing into a seat not designed for someone who is plus size? Or if the chair is flimsy and could break? These are all thoughts fat people have! AllGo is a plus size app attempting to answer those concerning questions before you go out.

AllGo is an app for people of size to rate the comfort and accessibility of public spaces so others can know what to expect. They also consult with brands and corporations on how they can make their spaces more size inclusive and provide plus size stock photos.

One of AllGo’s future goals is to offer the option for people to leave reviews on doctors and physicians within the app, which is a much-needed tool!  They have a YouTube series, host Instagram live interviews, prompt important conversations on Twitter and Facebook, and are working to support plus size events.

plus size apps - Image via @allgoapp_
Image via @allgoapp_

AllGo began on Kickstarter on 2018 with a focus on public spaces in Portland, OR, but there are plans to expand nation-wide in 2023. Rebecca Alexander, the founder of AllGo, is a fat activist pushing for public spaces to be less daunting for plus size folks. Her personal experience that served as a catalyst for the creation of AllGo happened when she was working for a non-profit. She went out to lunch with her new boss and staff and instantly knew the seating at the restaurant was not going to work for her body. The motto of All Go is “we help people of size go out more, with less anxiety.” 

We spoke with AllGo’s Chief Marketing Officer, Nyemade Boiwu, to learn more about AllGo. She states, “we are currently still in the fundraising phase to take it from website to actual app [nationwide], our goal is still before the end of the year. We are obsessed with the idea that plus size people deserve equal access and opportunity to make life great. We want to foster a real feeling of community amongst the people who follow us.”

plus size apps - Image via @allgoapp_
Image via @allgoapp_

3. Cue The Curves

Cue The Curves is an online community that brings together plus size women, content creators, and brands to make the plus size shopping experience easier. This app allows its users to find brands that carry styles in their size as well as find content creators with similar bodies to theirs. It uses your own style preferences to curate looks from brands you may not have even heard of before.

The founder of Cue The Curves, Charlotte Oxnam, has made it her mission to help every plus size person have access to the clothing brands they’re looking for no matter their size. Charlotte launched Cue the Curves back in 2019, pulling from her own experiences struggling with plus size fashion.

plus size apps - Image via @cuethecurves
Image via @cuethecurves

The founders of the Phoria, AllGo, and Cue The Curves all share one thing in common- they want to empower and support plus size folks. Our community deserves access and equity, and plus size apps are helping fill some of the gaps.


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